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MEF Scholarship Program

MEF establishes a college savings fund for each scholar accepted into the program.

How does the scholarship work?


Candidates go through a careful selection process

Ambassador teachers nominate candidates who embody what it means to be:

  • Compassionate

  • Ambitious

  • Community leader

  • Peacemaker

  • College-bound


Candidates submit application essays that ask students to:

  • Demonstrate servant leadership

  • Describe how they envision their future

  • Share how they would improve their community

Out of our finalists, select candidates who have best exemplified the desire and strategy to successfully bring about positive change in their community are invited to become an MEF Scholar.


As our MEF scholars grow, so do their scholarship funds!

Scholarships are funded quarterly and grow until high school graduation. 

Each year, MEF Scholars have the opportunity to make additional deposits into their college savings account by completing Achievement Bonus Opportunities. These opportunities can include:

  • Conducting community service projects

  • Academic achievement

  • College and career development


The scholarship is just the beginning

Upon acceptance to an accredited post-secondary education institution, the matured scholarship is divided evenly and awarded at the beginning of each school year in college/university/post-secondary educational institutions.

It is our vision that our scholars now have the tools they need to continue making their own dreams a reality, and the desire to continue making a positive impact in their community wherever they go.

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