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$150/year is all it takes to become an MEF Sponsor.  $100 is contributed to a Monster Scholar's Brightstart savings account, and $50 helps MEF and scholars complete community service projects together.  


BEcome an



If you are a teacher or school administrator in the greater Chicago area wanting to learn more about how MEF can support the future leaders in your classes, we'd love to hear from you!  

Ambassador School Inquiry

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BEcome a


High school


Project Manager will:

  • Partner with a Monster Scholar (6th-8th grade student) from the inner city in completing their MEF Individual Service Project- with MEF support

  • Will collaborate with Monster Scholar to build a Project Plan- Excel Document- and keep the partnership on track using the tool to bring the project to fruition.

1-Day Volunteer

(Adult 18 & Older)

As a Monster 1-Day Volunteer, we will email you

  1. whenever our scholars plan a project and need volunteers to make it more successful;

  2. to invite you to our group service projects.




The plan is to connect our Monster Scholars with professionals from a variety of fields according to their interests. This will give students an opportunity to get firsthand knowledge of different careers, receive advice and feedback, and gain valuable experience in interviewing and professional interaction.


MEF Prayer


We believe that prayer is absolutely essential for our Foundation to make a lasting impact in the lives of our scholars, their families, and their communities.


When you sign up to be a prayer supporter, we will email you with occasional updates and requests for our Foundation's work, the needs of our Monster Scholars and their families, and concerns for the inner cities of Chicago.